Luggage Allowances

Red Car Service luggage allowances may differ from airline allowances. 

Standard Luggage:

Adults:  Each adult passenger is allowed two (2) standard suitcases weighing no more than 45 lbs. each (20 kg) OR one (1) oversize suitcase weighing no more than 75 lbs. (34 kg) plus one (1) carry-on. 

Children (0-8 incl.):  Each child is allowed one (1) standard suitcase and one (1) carry-on.

Additional Baggage (advance notice required at the time of booking):

Hard case golf clubs:  $20.00 surcharge plus HST per direction

Bicycles:  $20.00 surcharge plus HST

Skis, snowboards, and golf clubs (no case):  No additional charge but count as a piece of standard luggage

Red Car Service must be notified of any excess luggage (charged at $6.00* per piece) and reserves the right to refuse any extra that has not been prearranged.  Passengers with excessive amounts of luggage or large and bulky items may be required to book private van service.

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