How much notice does Red Car need before I travel?

Ideally, a few days’ notice before travel allows us to give our customers the best possible service. While we welcome earlier bookings, too, Red Car staff will work hard to accommodate any request, even at the “eleventh hour.”

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for phone and online reservations, or you may charge the fare to an existing corporate account. You can also visit our office and prepay any of our services by credit card, Interac debit, or cash.

Should I tip the driver?

As with any type of service industry, tipping is an appropriate way to recognize good service. If you feel you have received quality service, then a gratuity in the amount of 10-15% of your fare is appropriate. The invoice that the driver will have you sign has a fill-in line for gratuity. You can also add a gratuity when you make your booking online.

Some charter services will have a gratuity built in. You can ask any reservation agent about driver gratuities.

Red Car seems to have vehicles at Pearson Airport all the time. Do I need a reservation for a transfer from Pearson to Guelph?

Red Car Service makes 30-40 trips to Toronto Pearson Airport each day – based on the needs of our booked passengers. Although it is possible to check in at our airport desk without a reservation, there is no guarantee that a vehicle will be available at the time you arrive, in which case you may have to wait until the next scheduled vehicle departs. We strongly recommend advance reservations.

Who checks the flights to see if they are on time?

It is the passenger’s responsibility to check with the airline to see that your outbound flight is departing as scheduled. We assign your pickup time based on the flight departure time and required check-in time that you provide to us at the time of booking.

For inbound flights, we use the airline flight number provided by you to satellite-track your flight from the time it leaves the departure city until it lands. If your flight is delayed or will arrive early, we will know well in advance and will make adjustments to our schedule to be there when you check in.

I made my reservation two months ago. How can I be sure you’ll be at my door on the day of my departure?

All outbound passengers receive a confirmation phone call, email, or SMS the day before their departure. Your driver will confirm your return information with you to ensure that we will be there to meet you when you return.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my departure?

Red Car staff monitor weather conditions forecast for the day of your departure. If the forecast calls for inclement weather, you will be advised during confirmations.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will always hear a live voice on the other end of the phone. We can accommodate any pickup time and we will always be there when your flight lands, even if it is delayed by hours.

I want to go to the airport to meet my relatives and accompany them to Guelph.

We have a special “meet and greet” rate for Pearson Airport.

Why does it cost more to take Red Car to Hamilton Airport than to Toronto?

Our fares to Pearson Airport are based on volume. Our vehicles can transport multiple passengers in one trip. Lower demand for transfers to Hamilton Airport means that it’s possible that you will be the only passenger.

My friends and I want to do a wine tour of the Niagara area. Can Red Car help?

Red Car vehicles and drivers are available for charter trips to any location in Ontario. Set your own itinerary or let us help you plan your day. We are also available for charters such as Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, or Toronto theatre events. Call us well in advance and our helpful staff will make sure your trip is one to remember.

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